P.PAVLIDES S.A. is aware of the consumer preference for can coatings that do not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA).

Although this is still a conflicting issue among some members of the scientific community, we at Pavlides want our valued consumers and their families to be confident and satisfied with our products. After 3 years of continuous research and experimenting in close cooperation with our tin suppliers, we are pleased to inform that we have begun the transition to eliminate epoxy based can linings from all our production, and change to other composite linings that do not contain BPA. We have already completed the transition to BPA FREE CANS on all catering sizes and we have already started the process for 850ml and 425ml can sizes. As food safety and quality are our paramount considerations, we hope to have completed our transition to BPA FREE CANS by the end of August 2014 We will post further progress reports ahead of the production season.

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